Ever wanted to shout “help me” to everyone around you when you lose something?


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Try the I-Care App and let us help.

Missing People

If a young child goes missing from outside their home. The parents begin calling and searching nearby. If they get no response then their fears begin to rise, but now they can call on their I-care app. They then instantly share a detailed description and photo of the missing child to all other users on I-Care, their network on Facebook and Twitter and also to the emergency services within a 20 mile radius of them. Everyone has been alerted to the missing child with a photo and additional details. One of the I-Care users spots the child being taken into a blue car and passes back details and the police stop the vehicle and return the child to its very grateful parents. The parents resend message to inform and thank everyone that the child has been recovered safe and well.

Missing Pets

A dog or cat goes missing and the owner has a look around their house and garden, once they realise that the pet is not in their home or surrounding area they start to worry as they realise the pet is missing. They then go on to their I-Care app and instantly share out the information on their pet that they stored when they first got the app. A photo of the pet along with a description and the time and place last seen is sent out to I-Care users within a 20 mile radius and on Facebook and Twitter. A person 1 mile away spots the pet and recognises that it is the pet from the image on social media that they seen. They then use the I-Care app to get the owner’s contact details, make contact with the owner and the pet is returned to a very happy owner. Who then thanks the person who found their pet with a small reward.

Missing Items

Anyone with the I-Care app can create a profile for a sentimental or precious item. Within minutes of realising it is missing they can send out the item information contained in the item’s profile to other I-Care users and their network on Facebook and Twitter. They increase the radius to alert so other I-Care users are made aware that the item is missing. If one of the I-Care users finds the item and then receives the alert on the app they are then able to contact the I-Care user who has lost the item and arrange to have the item returned to the rightful owner. The finder may then receive a reward and the person who lost there item is reunited with their cherised belonging. Everyone’s a winner.


I-Care allows users to store information on people, pets or items so if something or someone goes missing, you can share those details instantly with other I-Care users and on social media. Having the ability to share the missing item information instantly saves time and increases the likelihood of being re-united with something or someone precious to you

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I-Care is an anonymous social network. User’s details are not visible for everyone to see on the map. All your details are hidden even if scanned by another user within your 20 mile radius. All that is displayed on the map is a location pin of where you are in the area.
The only time your registered contact details become known is when you need to share out a profile of something that is missing and you need other users to have your contact details incase they have any information about your lost item
I-Care is a dynamic social network that tracks your current location and connects you with users that are in your 20 mile radius. So even if you weren’t in your home town you could still connect with users wherever you are.

I-Care Log

The I-Care log allows users to view the status of missing or found items.
Items that are missing in the geographical radius 20 miles around their current location come up in the log as being missing and then if anyone has any information they can instantly contact the user who has lost the item.
Users can also look for found items that people have posted, this helps people who have lost items connect with the person who may have found their item.
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Information Sharing

As soon as someone or something goes missing, you can instantly share all the relevent information about the person or item that is missing.
This allows you to notify other I-Care users instantly with the relevent information in real time to help find a person or item as quickly and as effectively as possible.
I-Care is the fastest, most effective way of sharing information about a missing person or item as all of the information was already on the app and can instantly be shared with other I-Care users
Multiple Profiles

Multiple Profiles

Users then have a section within their profile in the app where they can view all of the profiles for their items that they may wish to share information about in the future if any of these things went missing.
If unfortunately something went missing, I-Care users can go to this section and instantly share the information contained about the missing person or item with other I-Care users in their local network and on social media.
Profile description


I-Care users can then set up a profile for each valuable item, pet or person that they want to register in their I-Care account. The profile includes all of the necessary details and item descriptions that can be shared with other users if there was ever a situation where something went missing
Setting up a profile for something or someone valuable to you allows you to store all of the required details so when an incident occurs, this information can be shared instantly as your profile already contains all of the information required to identify a item, pet or person.
When something or someone goes missing, you don’t have to waste any time providing details on whatever is missing, as you have all of the missing item details stored within your account ready to be shared instantly.
My details

My Details

Once you have downloaded the app and registered to set up an account, users record their details and contact information.
This makes communication and information sharing with other I-Care users fast and easy as all of your contact details are already stored within the app and can be shared instantly incase you need to share information about a lost item.


I-Care allows you to share lost item, person or pet information on Facebook and Twitter. So if something goes missing you don't just notify other I-Care users, you share the message on social media which helps reach more people who may hay help re-unite you with something very precious. Share this unique app with friends, family and colleagues on Facebook and Twitter. The more people who have I-Care the bigger network we can create to help connect people looking for lost items or people trying to find the owners of items they have found. Check out our Twitter and Facebook pages for more content and information about the app.
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Missing Items
  • 56% of us misplace our cell phone or laptop each month
  • 113 cell phones are lost or stolen every minute in the U.S.
  • 120,000 cell phones are lost annually in Chicago taxi cabs
  • About 12,000 laptops are lost each week in US airports alone
  • 25% of Americans lose or damage their cell phone each year.
Missing People & Pets
  • Around 250,000 people go missing every year in the UK 
  • Of these, 100,000 people are under the age of 18 
  • 1 person under the age of 18 goes missing every 5 minutes
  • Over 10 million pets go missing every year
  • Over 60 cats and dogs go missing every hour in the UK 

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